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We manufacture 100% vegan, natural Omega-3 DHA/ EPA oil and powder that replenishes your body’s daily needs

Go Real Algal DHA

What do we do?

Go Real Algal DHA manufactures 100% vegan, natural and premium quality Omega-3 DHA/ EPA oil and powder in a highly sophisticated manufacturing facility to enhance your health naturally. Go Real products will suffice your daily needs of Omega-3 DHA/ EPA to help you lead a hale and healthy life.


Human Rich

Go Real Algal DHA supplements one of the essential nutrients required by the human body in an easy, safe and cruel-free palatable form. Go Real’s vegan Omega-3 has saved the ocean and has helped in balancing the ocean ecosystem by manufacturing premium quality Omega-3 DHA/ EPA from algae through a sophisticated and highly-effective process.


Aqua Rich

Go Real Algal DHA has proven to be one of the best aqua feed supplements, especially for prawns and shrimps. Go Real manufactures SPIRAL GP & SPIRAL DA which acts as the growth promoter and disease arrester for the prawns, shrimps and fishes. The vegan Omega-3 has ensured that the oceans and the creatures are saved from exploitation.


Pet Rich

Pamper your pets to some healthy goodness with the Go Real Algal DHA that is manufactured to be rich in DHA. DHA plays an integral part in fostering brain and eye development. Go Real PET RICH products help boost cognitive development and supports the early stages of pup/kit development. Ensure you give your pets the best nutrition they deserve!


Livestock Rich

Nourish and nurture your livestock with the nutritious Go Real Algal DHA that plays a major role in protecting your livestock from infections, boosts its growth, strengthen its bones and help cattle yield higher quantity of rich milk. Go Real plays an important in tripling benefits and results.

Go Real Algal DHA

Manufacturing Process

With the help of the most advanced technology Go Real Alagal DHA manufactures the purest form of OMEGA from microalgae Schizochytrium sp. This has saved the sea and the creatures from rapid destruction. Manufactured in a patented state-of-the-art technology our products have proved to contain the Omega3 DHA/ EPA in the purest form without harming the environment.

How We Work

Our stringent manufacturing policy abiding the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) ensures that our customers receive the highest quality of products made with precision.


We source algae grown in an environment that follows stringent policies to ensure quality with reduced heavy metal infiltration conforming to world-class standards and practices.


We believe in sustainability by preserving the environment to stay intact and manufacturing pure products in stringent process control.

Omega-3 DHA/ EPA

Protecting Our Oceans

Omega-3 deficiency in humans is touted as the most dangerous deficiency seen in mankind. This has led to the increased demand for Omega-3 supplements that were extracted from sea creatures. We at Go Real thrive to provide the essential Omega-3 nutrient in a vegan form, in the purest form without exploiting nature. 63 tons of fish are saved with every 1-ton vegan Omega oil. We take immense pride in protecting the seas and providing the human community with their vital requirements through our high-tech rapid process in a sophisticated set-up.

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Health Benefits

Omega-3 DHA/ EPA - Nutrition for all

Omega-3 DHA/ EPA is an essential nutrient for our body in from conception to old for it is vital in brain development, promotes heart health, enhances neural development, supports fertility, improves infant wellness, supports bone and muscle strength, boosts immune function, improves skin and hair complexion, fights against anxiety and depression and also helps in mood swings