Go Real

Go Real manufactures the highest quality of nutrition through products made with vegan materials in highly sophisticated

The Go Real Process

Go Real takes pride in manufacturing Omega DHA/EPA nutrition products that are eco-friendly and made with the highest quality to satiate the nutritional needs of the world. In the process, Go Real plays a major role in saving the ocean eco-system by saving tonnes of fish being killed to extract Omega DHA/EPA. Go Real manufactures Omega DHA/EPA from high-quality microalgae Schizochytrium sp.

At Go Real, all our products are produced in a patented technology state-of-the-art facility. We generate a significant amount of marine algae, this experience helps our ability to manufacture the products which pure, purest and high standard quality of DHA/EPA.

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Go Real Algal DHA

Manufacturing Process

Go Real manufactures the highest quality and purest form of Omega DHA/EPA from microalgae Schizochytrium sp. In the process, we preserve the sea and its habitats by not disturbing the ecosystem by killing tonnes of fish for extraction of the nutritional oil. Go Real’s manufacturing process is highly sophisticated with an end-end fully secured process with stringent quality checks. We source the highest quality of algae and process it in a patented state-of-the-art facility to deliver our customers with the best nutritional product

How We Work

We at Go Real manufacture our products with strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which ensures the products are of the highest quality.


Our products are made from a microalga that is 100% vegan. We follow the prescribed procedures to control heavy metal contaminants. This makes our products conform to worldwide standards for nutrition.


Go Real operates with a vision to maintain sustainability in manufacturing all our products. We strongly believe in preserving oceans, manufacturing 100% pure and wholesome product in a highly sophisticated and automated process.

Our Process

What Go Real Offers?

Purest source of DHA

DHA/EPA are the most essential nutrients for brain development and physical well-being. Go Real addresses this growing demand of the Omega oil in the safest way possible by preserving the ocean and proving the purest and the original form of DHA through microalgae.

A sustainable source of DHA

Omega 3s manufactured from the algae grown in closed fermentation tanks. The renewable, sustainable plant sugars are transformed into algae biomass containing omega-3 rich oil in the shortest span.

Sophisticated manufacturing

Go Real manufactures the Omega-3 Oil and powder in a patented and sophisticated manufacturing centre that ensures highest standards of GMP to produce the best output

Consistency in supply

Go Real offers quality products which are uninclined to dependency and hence promises a seamless supply chain irrespective of climatic conditions or other hindrances.

Sourcing Responsibly

Go Real takes pride in contributing to saving the oceans and its habitats through our sustainable process and manufacturing. We source quality and organic raw materials to deliver products that are of the finest quality

Omega-3 DHA/EPA

Protecting Our Oceans

There is an increasing demand for Omega 3s oil in the world. With the exploitive nature of sourcing Omega-3 oil from forage, fishes are on the rise Go Real’s sustainable source of high-quality DHA is a saviour to the sea and its habitats. On a DHA basis, one metric ton of Go Real Algal DHA DHA is the equivalent of saving up to 50 metric tons of wild-caught fish from our oceans.

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About Us

Product Certification

Go Real Algal DHA manufactures products of high-quality which are in compliance with the set of industrial norms with no artificial colours, preservative-free, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, GMP certified and Halal certified. With Go Real be assured of consuming the highest quality DHA/EPA nutrients for your daily needs.